Adult content do not read if you’re holier than thou

The journey of a hundred miles began with a simple definition of hyperhidrosis. It’s a medical condition that makes individuals experience excessive amount of sweating on various parts of their body. Kim, who has experienced hyperhidrosis for 31yrs now, decided to start the hyperhidrosis awareness. For the awareness, Kim decided cycle from Nairobi county to Kisumu county, a distance of 300km.

The experience was terribly amazing as we found ourselves bonding over some pink nipples, Tlololo (say this wagging your tongue up and down), sweat lots of it, sufuria ya sherehe and a butt massage. The team comprised of the driver, the photographer, 2 cyclists and myself as the only female. I also can’t forget how Kim gave me a lady boner.

Apparently, excessive sweat and six pack make my pussy leak. Looking at his firm authoritative expression and compelling features sent a shiver down my spine. I mean his arms were masculine and strong enough to possess me. Not to mention how every time I drew a breathe, I smelt him and his scent made my tummy clench.

Dear Kim,
I haven’t tasted you but I already know you will be very sweet on my tongue.

His passion and dedication to this campaign was truly remarkable. He fell on the road (as vehicles passed), he got several muscle pulls and every single part of his body ached except his baby maker ( I had to confirm this). We went through Limuru, Naivasha, Nakuru and Kericho.

As we finally arrived at Kericho, it was late at night and all we wanted to do is rest. Luckily we were able to take refuge at a motel called Mwananchi. To my surprise, the motel worked 24hrs. Even if it was 1 in the morning and you felt like having breakfast it was available.

The next morning sky came and I woke up feeling like I was wide awake last night. The journey still continued as Kim now cycled from Kericho, Awasi, Ahero and finally Kisumu. He made it to Kisumu even though everyone thought it was impossible. The trip was hard even for us his crew, witnessing him in pain. (Waaah! I will never be the same again)

 Hotel Palmers made the perfect host while we were still at Kisumu. (NB: go for the room that’s KES 2500) and you won’t regret it.

“Hey Kim, would you like a massage with a happy ending or just a massage?”

A knowing smile curved his mouth as he answered.

“A massage would be great right now.”

“Okay! I will be at your door by 10pm."

At 10pm I was at his door, wearing a blue silk robe with nothing underneath while the massage oil was in hand.

“Come in,” he called out.

Kim was naked and only the white towel covered his mjulubeng from full view. Lying down with back facing up, I climbed on top of him. The position spread my legs wide and I got a hint of my own fragrance.
With the oil on my palms, I slowly slide them against his back and across his shoulders. He occasionally moaned out how good my hands were. Creating a fist, I gently punched his flesh like chapati dough.

Is he asleep? I couldn’t help but ask myself as I got off his back the massage had ended.

“What about the happy ending?” Kim asked before I could step out.

His question sent a rush of moisture flooding from me. Facing upwards as I climbed on him once again, l parted my lips to invite him in. Our tongue entwined repeatedly as we both became eager to taste one another. His mjulubeng twitched aggressively under the towel as my pussy leaked with little droplets of my juice.

 I wanted a nowplay because the whole trip was a foreplay. Tossing the towel between us aside, I looked down, my vision became filled with the sight of my thighs and the dark valley between us (sufuria ya sherehe)

The phone rang, splitting the silence and disrupting us.

                     Thanks for cumming.


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