A Tale of Fantasies and Desires

Adult content don't read if you're holier than thou

Sex is an art that makes the artist vulnerable, if the act of art is not performed in a while. 

That Sunday morning was cold and wet with a brisk wind sweeping the rain across the land and this encouraged a lazy feeling in me. With nothing to do, I decided to stay in bed as I went through my Facebook account.

“Hey,  No. 1 fan.”

It was a text from Gallery, I loved his time line and every time he posted, I would be the 1st to comment or like.

“Hello,” I reply as I took a breathe and let it out slowly.

“How are you?”

“Am great and you?”

“Just landed from South Africa, am still jet lagged.”

“It’s good you arrived back home safe and sound,” I replied with a thought that coated me in a warm feeling.

(I’ve always wanted to meet him in person)

With time our conversation drifted from small talk to personal. We could talk about hair pulling, skin biting, nipple pinching and fucking so hard to the point that we couldn’t breathe. I found it exciting and I could tell he did too. (We were extremely dry spelt). Never had I met a guy whom I felt comfortable enough to show this side of me, the part I kept locked away. I was no longer afraid to express my sexual desires to him.

“Don’t you realise that I want to make love to you so badly? I'm about to die from it. I can’t stay here without thinking of your amazing body, dreaming of all the ways I could make love to you. I can’t even take another woman because it’s you I've got to have.”

Gallery sent the message, clearly tired of the nudes I kept sending to him.

 "I’m video calling you in a few minutes,” I replied.

The laptop was placed at the edge of my bed, with a dildo and Durex lube along side it. When he answered my call, I started taking my clothes off one by one. I was now butt naked then began to massage my erect nipples till my V dripped of wetness. 

Dazed by what was occurring on the screen, one could see his breathing rate increased as he moved closer to the screen.

Nevertheless, I was determined to give him a show worth remembering. I took hold of the dildo, and with an up-down motion, I applied the lube on it. Placing the dildo's head at it’s rightful position, I slowly penetrated myself. I was really tight hence the dildo took time before immersing itself fully in me. When it was finally in, I let out a cry as I grasped helplessly at the sheets. 

My thighs shook with pleasure as I moaned loudly. All he could do was watch and curse on until I cummed. 

“Wow! Am so horny right now," he said from the other side.

“Would you like to see a doggy."


I got on my knees with my thighs wide apart, I penetrated myself again with the dildo. This time he pulled out his mjulubeng and wanked as I penetrated myself continuously.  Moans could be heard from both ends, as if we were performing a sex ritual.

* * * *

At the start of evening as the lights that strung above the ground flashed on, marked the blind date night. The walk do the foot path to the restaurant, according to my calculations was a 5minutes walk in January and a 15minutes walk in August. I was extremely nervous. For the evening, I wore a seductive red body-con dress with a black trench coat and golden gladiator heels.

Dari Restaurant, I love it’s ambiance and the sense of privacy it provided. Scott the violinist, was the artist whose song was being played at the background. The sound of the violin arose my erotic thoughts. I scanned both the bar and dinning area, and there Gallery choose a table at the corner away from the pace of waiters. 

“Hey!” I said as I hugged him.

(He wore a black polo T-shirt with jeans) 

We were just inches apart as I looked up into his face and his features were even more refined than I'd thought. He pulled the seat backwards as I peeled off my trench coat. 

“I have to admit you look amazing in person.” 

“Thank you! And so do you.” I just had to admit.

One of the well dressed waiters, planted his frame before us.

“Hello! Welcome to Dari Restaurant and I will be the waiter serving you,” he said as he handed us both with the menu.

“I would love to have sip of the Dari Cranberry Ale with one of your finest steak dish,” I said with merriment.

“I will have the same,” Gallery added, “You seem to know their menu quite well.”

“Yes! It’s because I come here every Wednesday night for their cocktail hour, it’s enjoy 2 for 1 cocktail.”

By the time we finished our meal, my thigh was on his lap, my head over his shoulder and he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. Placing his hand on my inner thigh and caressing it gently while we watched the stars.

Until next temptation. Bye!