The Fitness Affair.

Adult content don't read if you're holier than thou

“Stretch your thighs wide enough for me. Nice! Now turn get on your knees, ass up high and lift one knee. I need to see you all wet, 1…2….3… that’s it for today.”

I sat on my yoga mat, trying to regain my breath and all I needed was my day dreaming fantasy lover to step into my conscious world. Sir L, my personal trainer was what I needed. He slipped a side to take a phone call, giving me enough time to admire the view from a distance.

Parting my lips to invite him in, our lips met passionately. Our tongues entwined repeatedly as we both become eager to taste one another. This increases my arousal, as I felt overwhelmed by desire and I decided to let go of my last ounce of restraint. He starts to suckle on my erect nipples one after the other until I begin to move restlessly in his arms, moaning out for him to stop playing with me and just get in already.

Suddenly, a sap of his fingers brings me back to reality.

“Miss Bows, are you okay?”

“Yes Sir L, I've never been better,” I answered still startled.

“Okay! I'll be taking my leave now, see you tomorrow.”

I nodded in agreement.

Nevertheless, I was determined to remain professional even though my desires were slowly taking over. At the back of my head, I couldn’t help but wonder why was I so into him. He was the worst kind of confident. Not only was he shamelessly aware of his appeal, he was so used to women throwing themselves at him.

I slowly rapped up the mat and headed for the shower.

Sir L embraces me from behind, gently kissing my neck as I place one of my thighs high up against the tiled wall, giving him the chance to tickle my clit with his fingers. The warm shower droplets created a more intense feeling between us as his shaft starts to turn rock hard. With the other hand, he reaches out to squeeze my bum cheek. I mourn helplessly in his arms.

The shower droplets turned to icy cold hence slapping me back to reality.

Headline Courtesy of Mom3ntum

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