A Tale of Bonding

Adult content don't read if you're holier than thou

Dear Gallery,
I would move the mountains for you, sorry I never got the chance to say I love you.

“It’s so big.”

“I know.”

We froze neither willing to make the first move and his mjulubeng was out in the open. This was new to both of us.

To his excitement I was bra less underneath, with my ample breasts becoming fully visible to him. He takes charge and bends his head down pressing his hungry lips against mine. (Wow! He's a great kisser). Desire washed over me in a shudder that ran from my head to toe. I stopped, bit my lip flattered by his invitation. I uncapped the seat belt as he switched the engine off.

Beautiful was that rainy evening. I couldn’t help but feel more arouse as the windows formed small droplets of dew. All the car windows were tinted heavily including the windscreen, just for moments like these.

With some sex gel, I slowly massaged his hard mjulubeng with both my hands. Gallery, his jeans now at the knee level, closed his eyes as the sensation took him to a happy place. ( I loved how he was so hairy, the beard and the chest hair drove me crazy)

After his share of foreplay goodie, it was my turn. My clit ring was of special interest to his tongue and every time he rubbed the ring with his tongue, I moaned loudly. My thighs shoke with merriment as I moved restlessly against the passengers seat. (The car's hazards were on, he said it meant the car had an issue but to me it attracted more attention to us)

Suddenly a woman wearing a yellow overall approached the vehicle, rubbing on the car's window loudly.
“Bae, did you pay for the parking?” I asked as I reversed my clit from his mouth. My legs were still on the car's dashboard and pouch.
"Shit!” He said as he finally looked up at me.

The lady was now knocking at the driver’s window. Gallery sat up and pulled up his pants, too bad his mjulubeng was still craving for some action so the pants couldn’t fit properly. I could only giggle and retrieve my legs from their initial position. He lowered the window as I pretended to look at something important on my phone.

“Habari ya jioni?” the woman smiled as she bent down to look at us.

“Mzuri!” Gallery answered as I only rolled up my eyes (Damn! I should be squirting right now).

The rain seemed to have calmed down and the lady was looking forward to having something small to release the cold and emptiness of her pockets.

“Sir, I've just checked and it seems you haven’t paid for the parking,” the woman said.
She seemed to be in her late 40s with the life is hard, crappy job face. Yes! I hate a lot.

“We're just leaving,” he said.

(Really Gallery! She can see your mjulubeng is still hard)

I took my hand bag, fished out a KES 200 note and handed it to her saying, “Please mum, take this and buy an umbrella. I would hate to see that hair style get ruined.”

She slipped her hand down in to the car and took the cash, nodding.

Gallery rolled up the window and slowly drove off.

“Was that necessary?”

“What exactly?”

“The sarcastic voice that followed the cash.”

“Very,” I answered as I rapped my arm around him and gave him a kiss.

          Until next bond! Bye