A tale of desire

Adult content don't read if you're holier than thou

Dear Short-tips,
If they only knew you were my desire, the world would put an end to us. 

His tongue melted my clit. I could have screamed, but I didn’t. I could have pushed his head away, but I didn’t. I just lay there and let it happen. Am I dying? I grabbed the pillow under my head and pulled hard enough for it to rip, as the sensation streamed through my veins and I felt weak but also helpless. He finally looked up at me, smiled revealing perfect white teeth and eyes that shone with merriment. We loved driving each other crazy.

                     * * * *
Beautiful was that night! No air stirred. The long week had just ended and I was now in my hostel room, finishing up on my assignment. Suddenly, my phone vibrates.
 “Hello,” I answered with excitement.
“Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a long while. Can I come over?” he asked pleadingly on the other end.
“Sure, I hope everything is okay at home,” I tried to reassure myself.
“Let’s talk about it when I arrive,” he sounded stressed out.

An addiction! I'm the drug he tried so hard to forget but couldn’t. Was it my cooking? Ugali and wet fried liver that was his favourite dish, so I had to prepare it before he arrived.. He's coming over! a romantic thought that coated me in warm feelings, but I couldn’t love him. While I was changing into my night dress (long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to arose wild thoughts) a car hoot at the gate. I made my way down stairs, tipped off the care taker and the gate man “Boss! Jibambe.”

As he stepped out of his Range Rover Vogue, I rushed to embrace him with excitement.
“Hey baby! I missed you,” I whispered.
He kisses me and grabs my ass passionately, then we proceed towards my hostel room.
Once in the room, I helped him peel off his coat as I took his left hand, pressed it against my groin and gave a sexy wink as he followed me to the bed.

                       * * * *
A residual smile lingered on his face, making the dimple in his cheek sink in. I embraced myself for his shaft to penetrate my wetness. The bed started squeaking for mercy, as he humped me gently but hard. With my hands on his back, I slipped down to his buttocks and pushed hard against my V.  Suddenly, my pussy juice splashed all over the sheets and some on him, he stopped a watched with merriment.
“Should I cum in or out?”
Now increasing his pace, he cummed while holding on to me tightly.

“That was amazing! You’re so sweet,” he mattered while trying to regain his breath.
“Thank you! I cooked your favourite,  you should rest up and join me later for dinner.”
He nodded in agreement. As he placed his left hand around me, the moonlight made his wedding ring shine bright.
 It’s just another case of something borrowed.

               Until next desire! Bye