A Tale of Emotions

Adult content don't read if you're holier than thou

I was enjoying a soothing dip in the bath tub when my favourite person in the world decided to let me know he didn’t feel the same any longer. Cute Eyes, a handsome fellow with dark brown eyes which were hidden behind geek spectacles. We didn’t live together but Cute Eyes always stopped by my house for dinner, usually with me fixing it. 

On normal days, Cute Eyes would walk in from work, embrace me like he will never let me go, look into my eyes and tell me I love you but things were different tonight. He came in, sat at the edge of the bed without saying a word.

“Babe! Is everything okay?” my voice echoed against the bathroom walls with no reply.

Stepping out of the tub, I slipped on my white robe and tiptoed towards the bed. His sleeves were rolled up to the elbow and his shirt opened to mid-chest. As I sat down beside him, I trailed my hand down his chest till I reached the middle area of his trousers but there’s no reaction.

“I need space,” he said while starring at the floor.

Rejected! I decided to retrieve my hand from it’s position.

“What’s going on?”

Cute Eyes sighed, rubbed his hand over his face before he spoke again.

“I just need sometime alone.”

“What do you mean?” 

“This….. us…. It’s not working anymore.”

My mind screeched to a halt, the feeling became unbearable and it’s like I couldn’t breath. I tried looking straight at him but only the glimpse of the red lipstick stain on his neck was enough to tell me it’s over.
 Hot tears were starting to form, but I willed them away by blinking rapidly.

“For how long?” 

Was I being laid off or was this a permanent firing?

“We can actually start dating other people.”

During the entire scenario, I refused to become a hysterical female and slowly made my way down stairs to the kitchen, poured myself coffee which I usually sweetened with Brandy. 
As I sat on the cold floor, my mind drifted away from my body. After 2 amazing years of our lives, Cute Eyes made his exist from the house and my heart.

A major flash back, deep and worth remembering, at the Thompson’s Falls, Nyahururu; the day we first met. 
Early in the morning as the artistic sun got up and started painting the sky blue; I also decided to go for a swim butt naked at the waterfall. The idea of getting my nipples and ass frozen in the morning has always been on my bucket list. Leocadia, my best friend, joined me only to witness the madness.

“Antwa, you are crazy, what if someone finds you here naked?”

“Am actually praying, it's a handsome guy.”

As I slowly walked into the icy cold water, my body didn’t like it but my mind was curious and bold enough; my breathing increased as I took a dive in. The rocks beneath my feet were slippery while water rushed down the fall loudly and this gave me the adrenaline. Not long after, I saw a frame planted along side that of Leocadia's. To my surprise the guy took of his spectacles and asked Leo,

“Is she a mermaid?”

“Nope! Just a crazy lady.”

His eyes were burning hot, never had I seen a guy look more appealing. His shaft stood up, hard as a rock when I got out of the water.

“Hello! Am Antwa,” but the guy was too mesmerised  to reply.

I took his phone from his left pocket dialled my number, “Dinners on me at the PanariResort call me!”

I just haven’t heard from you in a long while my mind barely able to recall that wonderful smile.

A message on my phone is what slapped me back to reality, to know how I met Esby read Irresistible, as I was still seated on the cold floor sipping my coffee I replied:

Can you come over for dinner? I cooked your favourite wheat pie and chicken.

Life is too short for one to sit around heart broken.

3 hours later



“Kiss me”

“Go to sleep, Antwa."

“You're what I'm thinking about and a kiss will help me stay focused on that and not the pain.”

“Antwa, you have no idea of what door you are opening.”

“I will take my chances,” I said while starring at celling.

No movement at first then he shifts his body to lay aligned with mine. As I tried to shift my body as well, he whispered don’t move, just stay still. With a tentative hand
on the thigh that ever since he first saw it, he'd longed to caress. Running his finger up the side of my thigh across the band of my thong and over my tummy. To me the very air smelt of romance.

At this point, my heart rate spiked a bit higher while my body temperature rose according to the finger's movement. He raised up on an elbow, bent his head and met my cheek. He kissed it. His hand continued it’s journey beneath the laced lingerie that looked so sexy on me but stopped below my breasts.

I laid there still, quiet just waiting.

His lips touched mine and the sensation was like two soft pillows colliding.
The silent moon witnessed the kisses that left us weak and breathless.

 Until next tale, bye!