A Special Taste

Adult content don't read if you're holier than thou

With a soft turkey under-feather, I traced the words I LOVE YOU across his bare chest but he didn't wake up. He's probably exhausted from the 4 rounds of 'coming' last night. I ran the feather once more on the tip of his manhood, the response, hard and ready for duty. As I was kissing his neck, I slowly climbed on top of him for that morning glory pleasure. A smile lingered on his face because he knew I was up to no good.

The sun's rays battled against the curtains only to get a glimpse of the love and before I could welcome him at the gates to my paradise...

The waiter plants his frame before me with the menu in his hands.
"Here you go"
I had chosen a table at the corner, away from the patches of couples and business meetings. I jerked the menu up towards my face as I begun to scan the restaurant.

Risking a glimpse towards a guy's direction well suited and seemed to be in a very important meeting with his colleagues. His elegance reminded me of a cat; long, slim, perfectly groomed, knowledgeable and very contained. Just the way I like them.

The two adjacent tables on my right were occupied by two middle aged men, ready to watch a football match. To pass time, they decided to peruse through the ladies with a conversation that would have made a very fitting contribution to a local comedy:
"I bet she squirts pineapple juice."
"She looks like a bedroom bully, makes you scream your account pin number."

Another visit from the waiter but this time he gave me a weird look because I was reading the menu up side down.
" I will have a glass of Mango juice with chicken fingers alongside French Fries."
I said in order to clear the awkward moment.

It actually dies down, even with my endless efforts to make him hard. Blame it on his age, I thought as I laid beside him with sheer disappointment. Being a young lady with a strong desire and fire, I was determined to get my morning glory. I slowly rubbed my palm sized breast with his left hand while his wedding ring felt cold and strange against my skin.

On several occasions, I felt the need for him to take it off but I couldn't; it was sacred. Feeling more frustrated, I slipped out of bed, grad the dildo I kept in the drawer and made my towards the guest room.

The rays still followed me, determined to get some action but this time around I opened the curtains and sat on the bed with my wide open thighs facing the window. As it got sweet, I grabbed on the sheets hard and rays got hotter. For a moment it felt like making love to the sun and I liked the feeling the rays gave to my skin as I 'comed'.

A masculine voice reached out. I looked up, it was the guy I was stealing glances at earlier on. His business meeting ended already? 
"That book seems very interesting," he said with a smile.
"Why do you says so?" I asked bringing my attention to reality.
"Well! Your food arrived a few minutes a go but you haven't laid your eyes on it,"
He said while sitting down and reaching out for the book.

Not only was he aware of his appeal but he was also the worse kind of confident. I looked down to my plate, letting the long strands of my locks create a curtain between us.
"The book is about a side chic who falls in love with the sun,"
I explained taking a sip of the mango juice.

"Why is the title IRRESISTIBLE?" I liked his curiosity.
"Well, they both didn't want to go a day without seeing each other. It's like a healthy addiction."
"And why do you like reading it?"
The questions were now drifting from small talk to personal and I was flattered.

"Oh! I forgot. My name is Esbon," as his hand reached out.
"I like reading the book because it's an honest way to turn myself on, am Antoinette."
He only laughed at the attempt of me trying to lure him in.

                    Until next taste! Bye!