A Piece of Grand Happiness.

Dear Edwin,
We live in a strange world and it doesn't take much for one to get swallowed up. Am glad that I had you as my mentor and boss. The Queen of Bows will forever be grateful.

Mombasa raha! Such a marvellous place to be. The sand at my feet, the breeze caressing my face and my dreadlocks flying freely at the rhythm of the wind. Actually, I had never been to Mombasa before, so we decided to take a 6hours road trip. By then the SGR wasn't complete, but still the road trip was a great idea as I got the opportunity to see the serene along the way.

A few kilometers after Voi town, the road was terrible. Too dusty to even see the other vehicles behind or even ahead of you, it was like driving through a quick sand. Thanks to Apollo tour's driver who had well experienced the long voyage, we didn't have any issues. I could now see the ocean from a distance, it looked like a blue mirror from where we were.
Edwin, being no stranger to Mombasa, took a flight ahead of us in order to make arrangements of our stay. Vintage electric lamps, that's what made Nyali bridge stand out from every other infrastructure.
Traveller's Beach Resort was truly perfect, away from the city noise.

The rooms were comfortably spacious and that's what impressed me about the hotel. Plus their buffet was quite friendly, as every meal had a tag on it. To be honest, all the rest didn't matter much because all I wanted to do is go to the beach.
Finally the awaited moment was here, I threw my slippers to the side a run bare foot on the white sands.

Best feeling I ever had.

Photos courtesy of Mike Edwin Photography

      Until next travel! Bye


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