The Tale of Cocktails

Whether you're on the beach or raising a glass after work, the key to a successful drinking spree is choosing a low-octane cocktail that packs more flavor than potency. In order for me to know my perfect poison, I had to hook up with a well experienced mixologist.
Am proud to introduce Hillary Mugasitsi, the best mixologist I have met so far.

How long have you been working as a mixlogist?      
It's been 4 years behind the bar. A journey that I look back at and just smile. It's been full of flavour.

Speaking of flavour, have you invented your signature drink?
Oh! Yes, I have.
It's Strawberry Kitoweo, made with infused gin. This gin gets infused with Kachumbari shaken with strawberry puree and squeezed lime juice in addition the elder flower. It's served in highball glass and topped up with rose lemonade soda and garnished with a strawberry and dhania.

How can people get a taste of your magic?
I usually do events however one can contact me to mix cocktails at their special events. Using different glasses at an affordable price.

In order for one to get perfect cocktails, it's advisable to invest in quality liqueur such as;

Hillary prefers using Schweppes Club Sodas as majority of his cocktails use a combination of different fruits hence the sodas pick up the flavours of this fruits quite easily.

A beautiful quintuple-distilled drink made at the heart of London.
With a seductive bottle, Ish is designed to push your buttons as well as your taste buds.

Vedrenne has been making it's liqueur since 1923 in Nuits-Saint-George. Fleur De Sureau means elderflower. The drink is actually made from infusion of wild elderflowers, harvested by hands.

A picture of Strawberry Kitoweo cocktail

I love Pimm's and nothing better than a No.1 cup on a hot afternoon. Created in 1859 by James Pimm this well known liqueur is produced from dry gin, fruit juice and spices.

Pictures of Pimm's & ginger cocktail

Sweet, dried fruit and spicy are some of the prominent flavors in Ron's gin. Distilled to honor Ron Jeremy, one of the most famous adult entertainment star.
A well crafted rum drink

First produced in 1860. It's made of the finest grains, Scottish water and Sherry, bourbon casks that help to create the rich, rounded and sweet whisky
Famous For A Reason

You can contact Hillary via email on
Do drink responsibly and the above liqueur is not to be sold to persons under the age of 18.
For more details information visit ​AQUEOUS

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  2. The Schweppes sodas very interesting,i should try the mix up too,a good one


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