The Waterfall of Karura forest.

I decided to take a quiet walk with mother nature while capturing every essence of it. Experiencing the safe Karura for the first time was a great adventure. Karura is one of the largest urban gazetted forests that's about 5 km outside the Nairobi Central Business District.

The walk was long and tiresome to me as I rarely keep fit. The distance between the Limuru gate to the waterfall was approximately 3kms. To encourage myself, I had to employ a mesmerising technique which was to think of how the water would feel at the bottom of my feet.
Alas! I could hear the waterfall​, and as I got closer the spot was even more beautiful than I had imagined. Being a curious minded person, I quickly removed my shoes and jumped in.
Cold! Cold! Cold! That's what my brain shouted as I dipped my warm feet into the water. My perception was, since it's​ a sunny afternoon the water would be lukewarm but I was wrong.

My writing journey has been one​ the most toughest experiences and am glad that Karura inspired me with new ideas.

If you notice the benches at Karura have Samsung's logo. That's because Samsung Electronics East Africa has partnered with Friends of Karura Forest.
The forest gave me a sense of peace, and the water an assurance of better things ahead. I will definitely go back for more adventures.
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